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We cater for any party event in Dorset and Hampshire:- Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, Corporate events, Halloween, Christmas or even at your own birthday party to entertain child guests.

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Children’s Parties, Weddings, Christenings, Corporate events, and Entertainment for children attending adults parties.

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Anna is a Mum of four, who has used her fabby Nursery Nurse training, and experience working with children, to plan and personalise perfect parties.

Absolutely Fabulous Parties began in 2002, when Anna, encouraged by all the positive feedback from those attending her own children’s parties, started to design parties for others.

The fantastic games have either been designed by Anna, or are traditional games with a twist to make them inclusive and extra fun. Each is personalised to the age group, and to the theme if one is used.

Fantastic games and and fun activities for children aged 3-10 years.

  • Laugh out loud with parachute games

  • Show your skills in action pass the parcel

  • Dancing fun with musical islands

Younger Guests

  • Exciting toppling towers

  • Fish for a magnetic spaceman/fairy

  • Help the knight or princess find their castle

  • Smiley fun with music time & instruments
  • + lots more

Older Guests

  • Cool skills with the Malteser game!

  • Race to wrap in the mummy game

  • Teamwork in beanbag races

  • Laugh out loud with flap the fish

  • Dancing games
  • And looooooooaaads more…

It’s not just Children’s Birthdays for an Absolutely Fabulous Party!

There’s Weddings, Christenings, Corporate events, and Entertainment for children attending adults birthday parties too.

Our Services